Expected Shipping – March 2019



A seamless, non-porus tattoo apron that is both 100% hygenic + anotomically comfortable.

Along with a magnetic phone mounting feature this apron is perfect for artists to stay clean and stay connected.

  • 2 lap panels anatomically designed to protect you from blood, stains, and ink splatters
  • Water repellent microfiber that can withstand chemicals such as madacide
  • Dries within 20 seconds
  • Waist and Knee strap with flexfit comfort to keep your blood circulating
  • Modular liquid resistant phone pouch with touch friendly screen face
  • Quick release panel loops make it easily removable|attachable without removing your belt
  • Hexagon grip lining
  • Draw string carry all bag with phone pocket

Although the @tattooapron was designed with 100% hygienic materials we can not guarantee you will not cross-contaminate or stain your clothes.
[think of it like protected sex]

This item is non-returnable however, we will honor any repairs within 3 months of purchase. Do not use clean in washer or dryer.

1 waist belt, 2 knee straps, 2 leg panels, 1 phone pouch, 1 draw string bag